Quotas! Design Thinking to Solve Your Biggest Sales Challenge


The Book Tour 2020

Fact: Sixty-one percent of companies say setting and managing effective quotas is one of their top three sales effectiveness challenges. 

Ineffective quota setting can not only lead to a higher employee turnover rate, it can also impact a company’s ability to hit its business plan, reach its goals and target compensation, and attract top talent. Long story short, inaccurate quotas can negatively affect all aspects of your business.

Join us, along with SalesGlobe and Salesforce.com, for an engaging event with Mark Donnolo, SalesGlobe Managing Partner, and Erik W. Charles, Xactly Vice President, Solutions Evangelist, as they discuss the importance of setting accurate quotas as well as addressing the biggest quota challenges, reveal new research, and share proven methodologies.

Kickstart your sales design journey with this book tour by learning how to:

  • Understand the drivers of your problem
  • Redefine your 'Challenge Question'
  • Transition from a historical view to a market opportunity view
  • Increase sales capacity without increasing headcount
  • Avoid quota penalties for high performers
  • Expand your creative problem-solving skills with Sales Design Thinking

Mark Donnolo, author of Quotas! and Founder & Managing Partner, SalesGlobe


Erik W. Charles, VP, Solutions Evangelist, Xactly

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7:30am - 9:30am

About the speakers:

For the past thirty years, Mark Donnolo, author of Quotas! and a closet art school MBA, has been developing approaches to bring design thinking principles to sales organizations and give them new ways to build competitive advantage by solving the root cause of their sales problems. Get insight on solving your quota problem from the new book Quotas! starting with understanding your quota challenge, the story and analytics behind it, and applying Sales Design Thinking ℠ to solve it.

Erik W. Charles is an accomplished professional with over two decades of experience in Marketing, Consulting, and Product Evangelization. Erik focuses on helping companies drive expansion and growth by better aligning positions, responsibilities, and incentives. He brings a multitude of skills ranging from multinational enterprise firms to small startups, allowing him to craft different models depending on the market, people, and corporate goals. He regularly collaborates with leading industry and academics researching better approaches to managing and motivating sales and executive teams.

Quotas are the linchpin to success that connect your sales goals to the front line and ensure you have the capacity to reach them. Join us for the Quotas! book tour and breakfast. Learn how you can solve your quota problem using Sales Design Thinking ℠ and applying best practices from high-performing sales organizations.

BONUS: when you attend this book tour you’ll also receive a complimentary copy of Mark’s book, Quotas!

Join us in one of these cities: 

Jan 21, Buckhead Club, Atlanta 
Jan 22, Tower Club, Dallas
Jan 23, The Houston Club, Houston

Jan 27, Mid-America Club, Chicago

Jan 29, Pyramid Club, Philadelphia

Jan 30, Boston College Club, Boston