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If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Keeping top-performing sales reps is a necessity that can require the Human Resource department to help assist sales managers apply a higher level of discipline to talent management so that the sales organization is capable of performing at its best. By taking key metrics, like headcount, attrition, and training, HR can now assist sales leaders in building long-lasting, high-performing selling machines by attracting, deploying, and retaining the right sales talent.

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"With Xactly, our sales people can now go into the system and see what they're being paid, when and why."

- Christina Lewis, Director of Commissions Accounting

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The Power of AI in Sales: A Vision of the Future of Work with Generative AI


Imagine being able to simply ask Generative AI, "What's my sales forecast looking like?" and receiving an accurate answer in real-time with prescriptive next steps for each deal.

This exciting possibility is explored in this episode of Sales Hacks with Xactly. Chris Cabrera, Xactly's Founder and CEO, joins host Ryan Maggio to discuss:

  • The latest use cases for advanced AI in Sales…and writing love letters (who knew?!)
  • Their vision for the future of work
  • How this technology will shift the dynamic between salespeople and their managers 
  • How Generative AI will transform sales rep experiences, from how they interact with their data, to speeding interactions with prospects
  • Why AI is a win-win for employees, customers, and employers
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