At Xactly Unleashed Virtual Summit 2020, over 3,000 sales, finance, operations, and compensation leaders gathered virtually for the industry’s leading digital Sales Performance Management (SPM) event of the year. The big event may be over, but the learnings live on.

Now, you can access recordings of our educational and inspiring sessions at your own pace! You’ll get access to:


Thank you to all our partners that made this day possible. They deserve a grand applause!

Beyond the talks we will feature many events that will give you an opportunity to network.

Opening Keynote with Chris Cabrera, CEO & Founder, Xactly

Executive Panel Q&A

Breakout Sessions (Every 30 min)

Closing Keynote With Mary Shea, Principal Analyst, Forrester 

9:00am PT

9:30am PT

10:30am - 1:00pm PT

1:00pm PT



Unleash Your Team's Sales Potential 

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All talks will be held at the Granville headquarters at Madison 36th, New York City. 


Xactly Unleashed Virtual Summit 2020

Breakout Sessions


Hear the latest trends and insights on unleashing your team’s potential from Xactly CEO, Chris Cabrera, a customer Q&A panel, and ways to start transforming your sales organization today.

With four distinct tracks, you can hear from leading SPM experts and discover best practices for sales capacity and quota planning, territory mapping, incentive design, and performance optimization.

Resources to Take With You

Beyond the sessions, you’ll have access to various research and best practice guides that expand upon topics covered in our breakout and keynote presentations to accelerate your SPM journey. 



Chris Cabrera

Founder and CEO
Xactly Corporation






Xactly Unleashed Virtual Summit 2020

The Digital Sales Performance Management Conference

All sessions now available on-demand!


Speakers to be announced soon! 

Breakout Sessions that Elevate Your Career

With unique sessions for finance, sales leadership, sales operations, and compensation administrators, learn best practices and trends in sales performance management (SPM). Watch from anywhere—anytime!

Unleash ROI Potential 
Zero in on strategic planning and accurate forecasting with breakout sessions and customer roundtables that show you how to maximize the ROI of compensation spend, take advantage of data, and simplify ASC 606 compliance.

Unleash Performance Potential
Kick your sales team into gear with expert coaching tips and breakout sessions on strategic sales planning, ways to increase quota attainment and rep retention, and how to gain visibility with real-time performance insights.

Unleash Planning Potential
Eliminate the guesswork and dismantle the “what-ifs” of sales planning with breakout sessions and expert advice on data-driven sales planning, optimizing territory design and ROI, and how to design plans to improve performance.

Unleash Compensation Potential
Streamline compensation processes with best practices for increasing data accuracy, reducing time spent on compensation calculation and payout, and eliminating commission disputes. Plus, learn how you can eliminate up to 90% of compensation errors.

Virtual Networking

Live Q&A forums

Attendees from across the globe

Learn how best-in-class companies handle SPM


Unleash your true Sales Power

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Track 1: Leading Sales Teams in a Dynamic World
Track 2: Planning in the Midst of Change 
Track 3: Making it Work Day-to-Day During Disruption
Track 4: Hands On with Xactly Technology

Chris Cabrera

Founder and CEO

Keynote Speakers

Bernard Kassar

Chief Customer Officer

Mary Shea

Principal Analyst

2:00pm PT 

The X Factor Talent Show

The Ultimate Digital Sales Performance Management Summit is now available on-demand!